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GoMeat maintains free delivery of specialty halal meats through the COVID-19 lockdown.

GoMeat has developed a stellar reputation for maintaining a community-first strategy in their business model.

Waqas Siddiqi, the co-founder of GoMeat Services explained, “We’ll absolutely maintain our free delivery services during these difficult times”.

GoMeat bridges the gap between specialty retailers and consumers using a smartphone app to order halal meats from local suppliers.

Although it would be easy to increase fees during the pandemic, the GoMeat policy remains firm. During the COVID-19 lockdown, this thriving business has gained huge traction. The GoMeat order volume over the past 45 days has already matched last year’s sales figures.

Siddiqi went on to say, “It is times like these that differentiate community-focused businesses from their competitors in any industry. Although we have the only halal meat delivery service app, it is our utmost priority to maintain affordability for all our customers.”

All the GoMeat Services founders believe in and support their communities. The company has maintained active participation in sponsoring a wide range of community events.

The GoMeat website HERE explains more about how retailers can get involved.

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