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Increase Revenue

Access to large GoMeat customers via GoMeat Platform

No Setup Cost

There is NO setup cost to bring your store on-board GoMeat Platform

Marketing & Promotions

Be part of extensive Marketing and Promotions run by GoMeat to facilitate your sales

Home Delivery Setup

As GoMeat Partner all orders placed on your store via GoMeat Platform will be delivered by GoDrivers


GoMeat provides you with the platform to easily reach out to your target market and expand your customer base.

How Gomeat Works

Order placement

Customers place a detailed order for your store through our app


You prepare the order and keep the customer updated by changing its status to accepted, in preparation or ready for delivery


Once the order is ready, our driver will pick it up and have it delivered to the customer’s address


  • 1. Let us know about your store
  • 2. Upload your inventory
  • 3. Login to our dashboard and get ready for orders!

Questions? We’ve got answers.

Once you have completed the sign up process, you can become a partner within a few days depending on the number of locations you have and how extensive your menu is.

There are no charges to become a partner, GoMeat earns a certain portion from each order placed through GoMeat platform.



Once you have marked an order “ready for delivery”, our driver will come and pick it up. GoMeat has independent drivers that handle delivery so you do not need drivers of your own.

Our delivery radius depends on the city and store. On average we deliver up to 15-20 miles.

All our partners receive a GoMeat tablet (one time tablet fee) with their store’s dashboard. Access to all the GoMeat partner apps. This allows you to get notified when a new order is placed, update order status and keep track of your menu, sales and earnings. If your store is not equipped to use a tablet then we also offer alternative solutions.

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